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  3. Deliverable D3.1.1 — December 9, 2014
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Deliverable D4.3.1

Procedure for preparation of slides and measurements) SIB54 Bio-SITrace D4_3_1

Deliverable D3.3.2

Data set on lipoprotein size distribution in serum samples including all lipoprotein sub-classes   SIB54 D3 3 2

Deliverable D3.1.1

Techniques for lipoprotein purification SIB54 D3 3 1    

Deliverable D4.1.2

Procedure for target cell identification SIB54_BioSitrace_D4.1.2

Deliverable D4.1.1

Selection of model system and matrixes SIB54_BioSitrace_D4.1.1  

Deliverable D4.2.1

Prototype for a reference flow cytometer and volume determination. List of set-up components, layout of set-up and specifications SIB54 BioSITrace D4.2.1

Deliverable D4.1.3

Procedure for purification of cells   SIB54 BioSITrace D4-1-3

Workshop on clinical biomeasurement standardisation and traceability

IFCC Worldlab 2014, Istanbul Congress Centre (Taksim 2) 14.00 – 17.00, Wednesday, 26 June 2014 This IFCC supported open workshop will present and discuss the work activity, in support of clinical biomeasurement standardisation, of the European Metrology Research Programme collaborative projects – ‘BIO-SITrace’ (Traceability for biologically relevant molecules and entities) and ‘INFECTMET’ (Metrology to support infectious …

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Deliverable D2.1.1

Literature review on the availability and selection of the appropriate test materials/gene targets SIB54 Bio-SITrace Deliverable D2.1.1_Final

Deliverable D2.2.1

List of planned assay design/parameters SIB54 Bio-SITrace Deliverable D2.2.1_Final

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