Workshop on clinical biomeasurement standardisation and traceability

IFCC Worldlab 2014, Istanbul Congress Centre (Taksim 2)

14.00 – 17.00, Wednesday, 26 June 2014

This IFCC supported open workshop will present and discuss the work activity, in support of clinical biomeasurement standardisation, of the European Metrology Research Programme collaborative projects – ‘BIO-SITrace’ (Traceability for biologically relevant molecules and entities) and ‘INFECTMET’ (Metrology to support infectious disease diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance monitoring).

These projects have the aim of providing measurement support for emerging molecular, cell and complex protein diagnostics, where there is limited standardisation and an acknowledged requirement for reference methods and materials to underpin clinical biomeasurement comparability and the traceability requirements of ISO 17511.

The programme is focused on key areas of clinical importance:

  • Enumeration of circulating tumour cells and DNA biomarkers in monitoring for minimal residual disease (MRD)
  • Enumeration of atherogenic lipoprotein particle assemblies for coronary heart disease risk assessment (CVD)
  • Cell counting for haematological, immunological and cancer diagnosis and therapy control  (CD4, KRAS cell lines)
  • Infectious respiratory disease diagnostics (TB, influenza, CMV, COPD)

The workshop will take place at IFCC Worldlab, Istanbul 2014. Click to see the agenda in detail.

For more information contact Helen.Parkes@lgcgroup.com