Workshop: Calibration of protein measurements using purified proteins

CCQM/ EMRP Workshop

BIPM, Paris, France
24 April 2015


Calibration against pure materials certified or verified by a technically competent body is a widely applied strategy for calibration in measurements for the molecular sciences. For proteins, this strategy presents particular challenges related to the complexity of protein structure. This workshop will consider the advantages, limitations and technical requirements associated with the use of purified proteins for calibration.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will identify the steps necessary to develop and use pure protein reference materials as a route to establishing traceability to the SI for protein measurement


Topics covered will include:

  •  Fundamental principles of the use of purified proteins as reference materials for traceability to the SI
  •  Impact of molecular and biological form on quantitation
  •  The importance of commutability in the calibration chain
  •  Steps necessary to prepare purified protein materials
  •  Opportunities for use of purified protein RMs in practical biological measurement
  •  “State of the art” measurement